Funeral Service

Express your feelings through a floral tribute.
Flowers are a special way to mark the passing of a friend or loved one.
Flowers are a beautiful symbol of life and a wonderful way to show respect, lift the spirits and give comfort.
Everyone is individual in life.
We will work with you to create that individual floral tribute matched to their persona.
We have the expertise and understanding to help you in this sad time.
Some things to Consider when ordering Funeral and Sympathy Flowers
Funeral flowers are usually sent to the funeral service either at a church, chapel, temple or the graveside. In some cases, they can be sent directly to the home of the bereaved. Sometimes the family will take the flowers home after the service.
Many cultures and religions ascribe messages to flowers but today most funeral flowers are based on beauty and taste rather than the meaning behind the flowers
Funeral flowers are generally categorized by their function. 
To assist you here are  few of the more commonly used arrangements:
Wreaths – These are circular floral arrangements, which represent eternal life.
Floral arrangements – Any type of floral arrangement, from cut flowers to basket and container arrangements.
Sprays – These are arrangements that allow viewing from one side only.
Inside pieces – These are the items placed inside the casket, such as small floral sprays.
Living Plants – These items are usually sent to the family after the funeral service.
Casket covers and sprays – These are usually organized by direct family members and sit on top of the casket.
Sometimes sending flowers is in appropriate as per a family request or a Religious Tradition eg
Baha'i funerals and burials usually take place within 50 miles of the place of death. Funeral flowers are appropriate at a Baha'i funeral.
Buddhist funerals will almost always take place in a funeral home and never in a temple. Flowers are considered appropriate for a Buddhist funeral.
Eastern Orthodox practitioners are strict about three days between death and burial. Flowers may be sent to the funeral home. White funeral flowers are seen as especially meaningful.
Hindus hold a funeral service on the day of death, usually before the sun goes down. Sending flowers isn't part of the Hindu tradition, but it may still be seen as a thoughtful gesture. A nice funeral spray to commemorate the dead appears to be accepted by the family.
Jewish tradition doesn't include the sending of flowers at death. It's more appropriate to send gift baskets or fruit during the period of mourning. Younger Jews may be more open to receiving flowers at home or at the foyer of the synagogue, while Orthodox Jews may not be appreciative.
Mormons (or Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) appreciate flowers and funeral sprays at the time of mourning. Don't send them in the shape of a cross as this may offend, and note that Mormon funerals are generally not held in temple.
Muslim or Islamic cultures may have differing opinions concerning funeral flowers, depending on their ethnic origin and perhaps even on what particular branch of Islam they are from. Ask the opinion of someone close to the family, if you can.
Protestants and Other Christian faiths accept all forms of funeral flowers.
Roman Catholics welcome flowers and funeral flower arrangements. There may be some particulars concerning delivery of funeral flowers to a church or cathedral.
Some common flowers have specific meanings eg

• Lilies symbolize life and hope
• Carnations mean pride and beauty
• Chrysanthemums say devotion and loyalty
• Gladioli for strength and integrity
• Statice for remembrance
• Roses denote love
• Hydrangea represent heartfelt expressions
• Poppies illustrate consolation
• Sunflowers signify loyalty
• Marigolds comfort the heart
• Iris indicate faith
• Lavender for admiration
• Hyacinth typifies loveliness
• Zinnia as a daily remembrance
People can ascribe meanings to various flowers due to personal choices and experiences. In general the flowers meanings are based on Victorian time.
Further information can be found at Flower Meanings
In Asian cultures many flowers are used due to their cultural significance. In any circumstance, your best option is to consider the local traditions.
 In Asian funerals, the colour of the flower you send is very significant. White flowers are usually the best and safest choice.
However, yellow chrysanthemums are also a traditional funeral flower for those honouring Chinese, Korean and Japanese customs.
In everyday life, we associate the color blue with a feeling of depression. But blue flowers, such as the iris or hydrangea, can have a calming appeal.
The color pink conveys a sense of joy and life. A pink bouquet of pastel roses or camellia will brighten anyone's day.

Purple has long been the color of royalty and ritual. These days, it usually represents accomplishment or admiration. But taken in a less literal sense, purple can add drama to any bouquet.

Today, people consider red roses to be the symbol of romantic love. But they are also appropriate as sympathy flowers for their symbolism of strength and courage.

White usually makes people think of innocence, reverence and spirituality. For funeral flowers, white is a tasteful addition to any bouquet, conveying modesty and elegance.

Yellow usually expresses a feeling of celebration and life in bouquets of bright flowers such as daffodils. As a symbol of friendship, it can be a meaningful addition, when used sparingly in sympathy bouquets.

Green tones bring with them a feeling of closeness with nature. The color often complements the bright blooms of flowers, but it can also be used by itself in a live arrangement to bring a message of resilience and renewal.

All designs illustrated are a guide to the style of flowers, gourmet foods and gifts that will be delivered.

Flowers, gourmet foods, containers and accessories may vary according to regional and seasonal availability.

In some cases, substitutions of equivalent value and quality may be necessary to fill your order's requirements.

For full information customers should refer to the Terms and Conditons or contact the store directly.

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