Wedding Service
We specialize in traditional floral design that compliments your style and venue.
Combining elegant colours, right textures and lingering scents, we'll create wedding flowers that are the perfect expression of your dream day.
Unlike most some other florists we don't provide a "generalised wedding package" for a price. Contact our wedding service at or + 61 0412763971
We provide a wedding service for your wedding.
Wedding flowers are special, they have to last the whole reception, be easy to work with and bring out the beauty every bride wants on your Wedding Day. 
There is a countless plethora of items that require flowers at a wedding.  
Things we recommend you to consider when choosing flowers for your wedding.
Choosing the right colour for your wedding is one of the most important decision to make. It will unify your wedding into a glourious event or every one.
Things to think about when choosing colour
There is a wide variety of colours in the colourwheel
Choose a dominat colour hue as a focus.
Let Nature inspire you
Match your colour theme to your wedding venue
Flowers are natural and as such might not come in that exact colour hue you want.
Seasonal Availablity
It’s better to know what flowers are available in what seasons before setting a date to avoid any disappointment if that flowere is particularly important to you.
Some flowers are seasonal and as such are difficult to obtain. These include tulips, hydrangea, lisianthas, and frangipanni.
It is possible to have flowers which aren’t in season ordered in for you, but this can become quite expensive.
Here is a general guide to flower availability in Australia
• Alstroemeria• Azalea• Camellia• Cornflower• Daffodil• Daisy• Delphinium• Frangipani• Gladiolus• Hibiscus• Hyacinth• Iris• Jasmine• Lavender• Lilac• Lily-of-the-Valley• Marigold• Sweet Pea• Tiger Lily
• Alstroemeria• Azalea• Camellia• Cornflower• Daffodil• Dahlia• Daisy• Delphinium• Gladiolus• Hibiscus• Hyacinth• Iris• Lavender• Lily• Marigold• Morning Glory• Tulip
• Azalea• Camellia• Cornflower• Daffodil• Dahlia• Daisy• Gladiolus• Hyacinth• Iris• Lavender • Tulip
• Azalea• Bluebell• Buttercup• Camellia• Cornflower• Daffodil• Daisy• Flannel Flower• Forget-Me-Not• Hyacinth• Iris• Jasmine• Lavender• Lilac• Lily-of-the-Valley• Magnolia• Primrose• Rhododendron• Sweet Pea• Tulip• Waterlily
All Year-Round
• Baby’s Breath• Carnation• Freesia• Gardenia• Gladiolus• Iris• Lily *• Orchid• Phalaenopsis Orchid• Rose *• Singapore Orchid
(*It is important to note that flowers are subject not only to seasonal variations but also to the effects of the Australian weather. Eg floods etc)
Style of wedding flowers.
Teardrop, arm spray, traditonal posy style for the bride and bride's maids
Wristlets or coursages.
Who gets what
Bride: Bouquet
Bridesmaid: Bouquet
Flower Girl: Petal Bouquet or Petite Hand-Tied Bouquet
Mothers: Corsage
Grandmothers: Corsage
Groom: Buttonhole
Groomsmen: Buttonhole
Fathers: Buttonhole
Grandfathers: Buttonhole
Before your Consultation consider the following information and bring it along so we can work closely with you.
Wedding Date
Wedding Venue
Wedding Time
Colour Theme
Numbers in the Bridal Party
Flowers needed for the Bridal Party
Flowers needed for the Family
Flowers needed for the Church or Wedding Venue
Flowers needed for the Reception
Any photographs of bridal flower styles you like.


Contact our wedding service at or + 61 0412763971


All designs illustrated are a guide to the style of flowers, gourmet foods and gifts that will be delivered.

Flowers, gourmet foods, containers and accessories may vary according to regional and seasonal availability.

In some cases, substitutions of equivalent value and quality may be necessary to fill your order's requirements.

For full information customers should refer to the Terms and Conditons or contact the store directly.

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